Faith Promoting Rumors - Exploring Mormon Myths and Culture

Faith Promoting Rumors - Exploring Mormon Myths and Culture

Father and son duo Bill and John dive deep into their Mormon faith and decipher the differences between LDS doctrine, practices and culture and, where necessary, debunk some myths and misconceptions.

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    But Where are Your Horns?

    Bill and John tackle another persistent myth: Do people really think that Mormons have horns? Where did this idea even come from, what does it imply, and what can we do to stop this rumor?

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    John takes on a myth that cropped up sixteen years ago, one that surrounds that tragic events in New York City on September 11, 2001.

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    Green Jello

    Are you hungry? John sure is. He endeavors to create the most clichéd Mormon meal he can make. Join him and his family to learn about and enjoy traditional latter-day dishes.

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    Moon Men

    John and Bill have been thinking about eclipses lately. What did the early prophets think about the moon and the sun? Did Joseph and Brigham believe in men on the moon?

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    Is This the Place?

    John and Bill take a field trip to the mouth of Emigration Canyon, to the very spot where Brigham Young first laid eyes on the Great Salt Lake Valley and proclaimed, “This is the Place!” … or did he?

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    A handful of various Mormon myths about round jewelry. Was WWJD just a rip-off of CTR? What is the Church’s actual stance on earrings? What is a prairie diamond, and what eternal principle should we learn from Joseph Smith’s personal jewelry?

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    Gull Darn It!

    Were the early Saints' crops really spared from a ravenous swarm of crickets by an even more ravenous flock of birds? Bill and John investigate this and other avian miracles.

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    Founding Fathers

    Is there a connection between Latter-day Saint doctrine and the Declaration of Independence? John and Bill seek the truth surrounding the Mormon view of the framers of the United States government.

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    Carthage Revisited

    Amateur historians Bill and John take another look at that fateful summer day in 1844, this time focusing on the events after Joseph Smith was assassinated. They dig up a couple of lesser known but historically decisive rumors about the mob that did the deed.

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    Missionaries Can't Swim

    Missionary rules don't allow our elders or sisters to go swimming. Could the reason be because some dark power rules over the water? John and Bill wade through the evidence to find out.

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